Hackatari Talk (Introduction to Neuroscience)
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February 9, 2017

Ahmad Jadallah talked about the areas of the brain the left and right hemispheres, and relation to mental illnesses. Ahmad Jadallah also demystified many aspects of brain management through providing scientific evidence.  

About Ahmad Jadallah:

Ahmad Jad Alla is the founder and CEO of Phi Science Institute. Ahmad has done a relatively good amount of voluntary work in various types of institutes in education, society awareness, and delivering help to people in need in poverty areas in all ways possible. Ahmad has attended many conferences in the scientific and educational fields. He is addicted to learn new things and discover new knowledge through reading, lecturing, and experimenting. He spoke at different types of conferences and events in various topics from evolution, neuroscience, quantum biology, modern physics, to biomedical applications of nanotechnology. He is basically a science activist.